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About Bisco

Thailand Placement

Bisco Thailand placement source & supply job candidates, meeting clients’ candidate criteria, for employers to evaluate and select themselves.
Bisco can carry out the evaluation & selection process ourselves, in which case we choose only the most suitable candidates and accept responsibility in the unlikely case that selected candidates are later found to be unsuitable.

We supply people for all job categories and skill levels, including:

  • General Work
    Bisco have general workers, of both sexes, for any kind of manual work which Bisco usually find people with work experience in the same or similar job.
    Bisco have plenty of people readily available at short notice for this category.
  • Skilled Trades
    Bisco speciality is recruitment for higher skilled trades where skill testing is needed to confirm candidates job competency.
    For civil, mechanical and electrical engineering trades, testing is carried out at our in-house Skill Testing Centre. For
    other trades, testing is either arranged at external government facilities or the necessary testing equipment is specially brought to our testing centre.
    We maintain a ‘Manpower Pool’ for higher skilled or hard-to-find trades with large numbers of pre-tested jobseekers on file ready for immediate employment.
  • Professional & Technical Positions
    Bisco also recruit for senior and technical staff positions such as managers, engineers, surveyors, accountants, draftsmen, translators etc.
    Candidates are evaluated on the basis of in-depth interviews, qualifications and relevant work experience.
  • Support Personnel
    In cases where complete workforces are need, Bisco supply people for every position needed, including support staff such as cleaners, cooks and drivers.
  • Special Recruitment Schemes
    In cases where the nature of the industry or work means only a few people are required, Bisco operate a special recruitment schemes if there is a sufficient industry demand. For example, Bisco are currently running a scheme to supply hotels & restaurants with cooks, waiters and kitchen staff.